The Pravetoni Lab

...towards novel therapies to treat prescription opioid abuse

Current Research Projects

Project 1

Phase 1a/1b Clinical Trials of Multicomponent Opioid Vaccines

National Institute on Drug Abuse

The long-term goal of this project is to develop a multivalent vaccine directed against oxycodone, heroin, and other relevant opioids.The studies outlined will provide a great deal of information about the safety and potential efficacy of the vaccines in reducing the abuse liability of opioids.

Project 2

Antibody-based countermeasures to opioid toxicity and overdose

National Institute on Drug Abuse

The aim of this project is to enable the submission of IND applications for Oxy(Gly)4-dKLH, a vaccine directed against oxycodone and related prescription opioids, and M(Gly)4-dKLH, a vaccine directed against heroin and morphine. Long term, we aim for an IND submission for the co-administration of these two vaccines to treat abuse or addiction from a broad range of prescription or illicit opioids.

Project 3

Enhancing efficacy of vaccines for substance abuse through polymer-assisted delivery of immunomodulators

National Institute on Drug Abuse

This project aims to develop an immunotherapeutic intervention for prescription opioid abuse that combines a lead oxycodone vaccine with immunomodulators formulated through a novel thermosensitive gelling polymer technology to enhance the post-vaccination antibody (Ab) response. Vaccines for substance use disorders (SUD) have the potential to be a long-lasting, safe, cheap, and effective intervention

Project 4

Vaccines for fentanyl and its derivatives: a strategy against illicit use and overdoses

National Institute on Drug Abuse

This project aims to develop vaccines against fentanyl and fentanyl-like compounds as a strategy to reduce illicit opioid use and the incidence of fatal overdoses. Proposed activities will include lead vaccine selection and optimization, manufacturing of GMP vaccines, and IND-enabling GLP toxicology studies.

Other research projects

Summer Research Program for Diversity Students in Pharmaconeuroimmunology

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Training in Neuroimmune and Neurobehavior Addiction Research

National Institute on Drug Abuse